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High quality GMDSS VEP-8 EPIRB with EC certificate (MED Wheel)
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Model: VEP-8

GMDSS Satellite Emergency Position-indicating Radio Beacon (S.EPIRB) with EC certificate (MED Wheel)


When the vessel is in distress, VEP8 shows bit standard will be automatically ejected from the release device, transmitter 406MHz emergency signal, Cospas / Sarsat system satellite signal is received, will be communicated to the shore-based terminal. LUT (Local User Terminal) decoding analysis to produce bit, position, and to convey the RCC (rescue center), in order to implement the emergency.

VEP8 satellite emergency position indicating radio beacon designed according to the latest national and international standards for domestic and international various vessels. Additional 121.5MHz locator transmitters to facilitate maritime search and rescue teams quickly locate the location of the incident, significantly shortening the rescue time.

Product Features:

Automatic and manual start; contain the 121.5MHz auxiliary locator transmitter to facilitate wireless relocation; automatically release the device with a hydrostatic release unit; automatically turn on at night, high-brightness flash; GPS global positioning system.

The VEP8 is available as float-free deckmounted device using HydrostaticRelease Mechanism to be activated automatically on 4m depth.

Three LEDs provide indication of 406 ( COSPAS-SARSAT) and 121.5MHz ( SARhoming Frequency ) transmitters and battery status .

Easy Changeable 2-cell Lithium battery with 5 years life . Small size and weight make PRO-5 anideal solution for pleasure boats and yachts .

High Stability in upright position on wavy surface .

Ultra high performance solid state strobe .

Easy Test facilities with Visual indication.

Proper operation on sea surface , wooden deck or held in hand .

Product Specification:

1) 406 MHz satellite transmitters

Output frequency: 406.028MHz ± 1kHz

Output Power: 5W (37dBm) ± 2dB

Phase modulation: peak 1.1rad ± 0.1rad

Encoding: biphasic L coding

2) 121.5 MHz find bits transmitter

Output frequency: 121.5MHz ± 3kHz

Output power:> 50mW (+17 dBm)

Phase manner: A3X

Transmit duty cycle: 100% (continuous emission)

3) GPS satellite positioning system

Receive Channel: 50


Positioning accuracy: 2.5m

Hot start: <1s

Antenna               Vertical Whip

4) Battery Life

Operation Life:          48 Hours minimum

Activation method:        Automatic and manual

Battery:                2 Lithium cells of D Size ( LiSOCI )

Battery Life:              5 Years

Operating temperature range: -20 °C ~ +55 °C

Storage temperature range:    -40 °C ~ +65 °C

5) Dimension

Housing: ABS plastic

Size: φ140/231.5mm (not contain antenna)

Weight: <1.7kg

6) Recognized standards:

CCS approved drawing

Standard After MSC.120 (74) amendments to the IMO A.810 (19)

IMO A.810 (19) as Amended by MSC.120 (74)

A.810 (91)

A.696 (17)

IEC 60945 2002

IEC 61097-2-2008